Wall Construction

The Insulbrick ICF walls simply interlock together like lego blocks.  The intervals they interlock ensure that vertical cores of concrete are always continuous therefore creating the concrete wall at its optimum strength.  The insulbricks can be easily cut with a handsaw or with one of our specialized hot wire cutters.  Then properly braced both the Insulbrick ICF 200 and the Insulbrick ICF 240 can be poured up to 3 meters at a time.  Insulbrick ICF Wall Construction is quick and easy.   When interlocked and filled with concrete, they create a solid wall with remarkable insulating properties for both internal and external walls. For further information on Wall Construction, please contact us.

Our Installation Procedure booklet will take you through the complete process from start to finish.

Click on the Insulbrick ICF Wall Construction video to help you get started on our Multimedia Page.