We will support you with your project in every way that relates to ICF. From documentation stage to completion we are always available to assist with any aspect that relates to the ICF walls. Every project is different and approaches to the work process can vary- we can tailor support packages particular to individual projects.

To follow are some of the support options you can choose from:

  • On site instruction and tuition
  • Three mobile contact numbers and local call number so expert advice is immediately at hand 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week
  • Expert engineering and technical assistance- you can choose to utilise our experienced engineers or we will furnish your preferred engineer with technical information as required
  • Equipment hire sales- wall braces, hot wire cutters, window braces etc
  • Supplementary material such as reinforcement steel, low expansion foam and dispenser, render material etc- see products
  • On site assistance- especially on days of concrete pours
  • Recommendation to trades familiar with ICF construction

Everything you need to ensure a good result is available from Insulbrick ICFs. Contact Tim Drummond on his email at [email protected]

Insulbrick ICF now offer a Concrete Pumping Service to all its clients. Our research has shown that the number one complaint of building with ICF is finding concrete pump operators with the experience and knowledge to fill your walls. Have the concrete placed in your walls by the most experienced ICF installers in Australia.