Low expansion foam and dispensers

Curved wallLow expansion foam seals up small openings around windows, doors, plumbing and electrical works. We recommend using the Touch n Seal Polyurethane Foam Sealant or Fischer Gun Foam Pup 750 B3
The features and benefits of using this foam are numerous.



  1. Type V Residential Fireblock Penetration Sealant   (ASTM-814)
  2. Bright orange color; easily identifiable
  3. Provides a permanent seal against air, moisture and insect infiltration
  4. Easier to use than caulk fireblock penetration sealants
  5. Bonds to common building materials including wood, concrete, insulating concrete forms, metal, plastics(not silicone)  and sheetrock
  6. Reduces energy loss
  7. No ozone depleting chemicals
  8. Does not shrink
  9. Does not trap moisture, dust and allergens like fiberglass insulation
  10. Expands to fill gaps up to 1/2″ (12.5mm) wide reducing air exchanges
  11. Reduces use of fossil fuels and improves air quality
  12. Helps to reduce Green House Gas Emissions
  13. Closed cell structure

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