Insulbrick ICFs provide a fire retardant expanded polystyrene [EPS] formwork for casting concrete structures. When interlocked and filled with concrete, they create a solid wall with remarkable insulating properties for both internal and external walls.

The key benefits of the system include:-

  • Versatility and strength – the system is ideal for high wind areas and allows maximum load bearing potential
  • Bushfires and termite protection – no timber is required with Insulbrick ICF construction thus reducing the risk for fire and termite infestation
  • Structural support – concise engineering specifications and guidelines ensure that all walls are appropriately reinforced
  • Insulation – the polystyrene form provides enormous benefits for sound and thermal insulation.  It also insulates the concrete core minimising any movement resulting from temperature fluctuations
  • Guidelines – the simple construction procedures and clear guidelines ensure that erection is fast and efficient
  • Maintenance free – no painting or cracking. The cracking often seen with rendered BV structures does not occur with this system